Active & Empathetic Listening

Active & Empathetic Listening

by compasspartnership

Stop hearing, start listening.

Listening is a key skill, and one we all think we know how to do well. However, in the modern workplace we are more distracted than ever before and are trying to juggle a multitude of tasks which impacts on our ability to  listen to what our colleagues, customers, suppliers and stakeholders are really saying.

We also often listen to confirm our own ideas and biases, rather than listening to learn and understand the complete message that is being given to us.

Course Overview.

In this workshop, participants will be taught how to use active and empathetic listening to connect with colleagues and customers, collaborate and develop critical thinking.

Participants will:

  • Learn to get real value from conversations
  • Evaluate different communication styles
  • Learn to interpret the other party in order to learn their perspective and motivation, and answer the question “what is this person really communicating to me?”
  • Interpret what people are not saying: the non-verbal communication that is taking place
  • Learn to listen without leading the conversation