Building Resilience

Building Resilience

by compasspartnership

Confidence through challenges.

In times of great disruption and change in working environments, it is a crucial business requirement to develop the skills to embrace constant change and thrive in adversity rather than allow for it to be disruptive.

Those with strong psychological resilience understand that resisting change is unproductive and have the ability to bounce back from a challenge. In fact, they can grow and even flourish. The good news is that this mindset is something that can be learned.

Course Overview.

The aim of our Resilience Program is to help develop the psychological resilience participants need to deal with change in today’s VUCA working environments. We focus on proven strategies and skills designed to equip people to become more flexible and adaptable.

In this workshop, we examine the nature of resilience, some of the underlying factors and how they can be challenged. We focus on improving clarity and task simplicity, as well as reducing cognitive overload through clear prioritisation.

We look at understanding the emotional impacts that can affect performance, and how to transform these emotions when dealing with tasks.

Participants will:

  • How a VUCA environment impacts on our wellbeing
  • How to make best use of tools such as Emotional Intelligence, state management, perspective, humour
  • How building trust, rapport and strong relational skills help us through periods of change
  • To increase self- awareness through Insights Discovery and understanding the Emotional Journey
  • How to take charge of Beliefs and Behaviours to truly adapt to change
  • How to communicate during uncertainty and loss
  • How to develop different types of resilience
  • How to achieve results through optimism, decision making and taking action