Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

by compasspartnership

Learn & Grow with Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is vital to our relationships, whether they are at work or at home.

Embrace the behaviours and mindsets that enable critical thinking, innovative thinking, creativity and high emotional engagement with others in order to foster relationship building and collaboration.

Course Overview.

Our programme teaches participants how to be truly open-minded, self-regulate fears and biases, and manage how they think and respond. We look at decoupling people from their ideas, embracing potential failures and mistakes as opportunities to learn.

Ultimately, participants will be able to better manage their emotions to control fear and ego – major obstacles to learning and growing.

Participants will:

  • Become more self-aware and learn about the choices of response
  • Understand the perspectives of others and what their motivations might be
  • Recognising the difference in people’s communication styles
  • Build rapport with others and develop solid relationships
  • Learn to interpret the emotions of others in order to manage your reactions to them
  • Read the signs of non-verbal communication
  • Learn in a deeply interactive environment, using exercises and feedback to hone new skills and embed them
  • Have a safe place to practise their learning, amongst peers who are there to support