Leading your team through these unprecedented times

Tools and Resources to Work Through Crisis

Leading your team through these unprecedented times

Tools and Resources to Work Through Crisis

by compasspartnership

We’re gathering resources, tools and articles to help you navigate this uncharted territory.

This page will evolve as we make sense of the changes that are happening around us.

If you are re-evaluating learning and development needs, or would like to talk about the behavioural impacts on your team, get in touch. We have a depth of e-learning and blended learning experience and our programmes can be delivered and facilitated virtually.


If you need help in planning how your team adapts to this ‘new normal’, we can help.
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Working through Crisis: Our research

It’s no exaggeration to say we are living through history, and these times offer us a unique opportunity to see how this pandemic has impacted, and will impact, on our working lives.

This week we launched our ‘Working through Crisis’ research project to answer some of the key questions that this situation presents.

Take part in our research here

Coronavirus: From crisis to clarity

Many customer-focused teams are facing unprecedented downtime as colleagues change their working practices in the face of coronavirus disruption.

We have produced this webinar with practical and positive steps for leaders. We will take you through the four strategic problem-solving areas and three techniques that will help you to clarify your thinking and navigate your way through a very rapidly changing environment.

Watch the webinar

Leading a remote team

Many of us are now working out of the office and separated from each other for the first time. As a leader, this can present particular challenges, as you try to maintain ‘business as usual’, hit your targets and keep your team focused and engaged.

We’ve pulled together some practical and positive tips that can help you to lead a remote team through uncertain times.

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Resilience and wellbeing in difficult times

The reality in which we now live is testing our resolve and mental wellbeing more than ever before. How can you keep the resilience of your team strong and make sure that people are able to successfully navigate these uncertain times?

The tips we are covering in the following article might help you, or your team members, to do a resilience check-up.

Read the article on Resilience & Wellbeing 

Using Mindful Breathing

When times are difficult, it’s worth remembering that the most powerful first step you can take for your mental wellbeing is to simply begin taking some deep, cleansing breaths.

We created this video to show how these breathing techniques can be the perfect way to bringing some much-needed mindfulness into our working days.

How to practice mindful breathing