Team Alignment

Team Alignment

by compasspartnership

Vision. Clarity. Focus.

Establishing collective clarity behind elements such as vision, strategic priorities, values and behaviours amongst others is critical for a leader and their senior managers to achieve success. Achieving this alignment against a backdrop of the increased uncertainty and volatile change in our working environments makes it more important than ever before.

Course Overview.

Through our Team Alignment program, we help you to define a clear and shared purpose, ensuring the team is all onboard.

Working closely with team members over a period of time we look to maximise everyone’s collective contribution to overall team success. It’s important that everyone feels that they are in an environment where they can speak freely and explore diverse perspectives so we can establish trust in the team.

We will identify the behaviours that are critical to success and can help you to define a longer-term roadmap for team development to measure progress.

Participants will:

  • Communicate the team vision or goal in a way that will encourage the team to co-create ideas and formulate new ways forward together
  • Empower the team as a whole to produce results whilst also focusing on the strengths of individuals and how they can develop their skills
  • Explore the critical behaviours and mindsets that will be key to team success