Sales Effectiveness

Sales Effectiveness

by compasspartnership

Boosting sales effectiveness.

Our Sales Effectiveness development program boosts sales skills by mastering the art and science of effective communication techniques. We’re experienced at shifting the mindset of sales teams from short-term tactics to long-term partnerships whilst ensuring that short-term sales targets are still delivered against.

Course Overview.

Boosting sales effectiveness is about building relationships and successfully managing interactions and in this workshop, we focus on taking interactions and conversation to the next level.

Participants will:

  • Develop powerful communication skills to build a personal connection and deep rapport with customers
  • Cultivate ongoing sales success through better relationships,
    moving from a transactional supplier status to a valued partner
  • Manage conversations to make them richer, more meaningful
    and more insightful by using effective questioning and active listening skills
  • Understand the impact and influence you can have on customer
    decision making
  • Clearly understand customer needs and keep on track towards the desired result, closing opportunities and gaining commitment from customers more effectively