Powerful Presentations

Powerful Presentations

by compasspartnership

Engage and persuade.

Building on the key skills from our ‘Presenting with Presence’ and ‘Using Storytelling’ workshop, learn how to make technical and scientific presentations engaging, persuasive and impactful.

Participants can apply their learning to Advisory Boards, conferences, face-to-face discussions, round tables, scientific presentations and studies.

Course Overview.

Understanding the nuances, depths and riches of effective communication will make all the difference to your presentations. We review the participant’s current approach to presenting, to understand and build upon natural strengths and develop potential blind spots.

We then focus on setting compelling presentation objectives, planning and structuring the presentation effectively to achieve these goals.

A significant part of the training is learning how to generate a rapport with your audience. This covers everything from non-verbal communication and body language skills to vocal techniques for greater impact. The result is a toolkit of ways to engage more successfully with those people you are presenting to.

An optional addition to this training is the use of video-based feedback to deepen and embed the learning.

Participants will:

  • Define the audience, discover how to successfully engage with them and keep them engaged
  • Develop the appropriate content to meet your objectives
  • Understand how to use presentation slides more effectively including tips on making the most of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Get your key messages across, even if your presentations are highly complex, technical or scientific in nature
  • Use storytelling to build compelling presentations
  • Opening and closing your presentations successfully
  • Use space effectively in the room/auditorium
  • Work individually or as part of a team to present