Leadership Development

Leadership Development

by compasspartnership

Leaders have the power to transform your organisation.

There is growing expectation for leaders to demonstrate skills far beyond technical ability. In the age of technological disruption, outstanding leaders with uniquely human traits are needed more than ever; those who lead with humility, demonstrate an open mindset and give their teams psychological safety.

We support executives and senior leaders and their teams to break through to the next level of performance through exploring cognition, emotions, and values. We guide leaders in inspiring people and moving ideas forward.

Our leadership programmes are designed to improve the skills and capabilities of existing and emerging leaders, from managers to senior executives.

Course Overview.

We develop leaders to join the dots between how they think, communicate, and act, stretching comfort zones and the notion of what it is possible to achieve. This is about a developing a community of resilient leaders, distributed throughout the organisation, building capability through culture and behaviour.

Participants will:

  • Explore humility: embrace ‘not knowing’, ‘failing forward’ and seeing mistakes as learning opportunities
  • How to foster vulnerability and psychological safety – one of the cornerstones of high performing teams
  • Learn how to inspire others
  • Embrace an open mindset to take on board the interests and motivations of others
  • Identify and develop the key strengths of leadership in a new age – the ability to guide others through periods of volatility, uncertainty and change