Influencing & Negotiating

Influencing & Negotiating

by compasspartnership

Influencing and Negotiating.

Learn to influence, motivate, negotiate and add value with colleagues, clients and partners.

In a working relationship, there are often both personal and professional interests that include needs, concerns, objectives and challenges. How well do I really know what these are for the other person? Am I clear on my own?

Understanding your partner’s perspectives on these things takes us beyond the surface level conversations that many people have, giving us an insight as to what might be driving their behaviour.

Course Overview.

Working with negotiation theory and best practice, we develop negotiation experiences that build confidence and ability to both prepare and engage in negotiations more successfully.

Emotional intelligence and communication play an important role in the foundation of good negotiation, so we focus on these areas as the basis for the learning. From there, we explore the importance of understanding each parties interests, so that we can dig beneath the surface to understand the positions and drivers of the other party.

Participants will:

  • Build self-awareness of personal communication style
  • Understand the needs, concerns, objectives and challenges of others
  • Increase active listening skills
  • Communicate with increased confidence
  • Learn how to transform our engagement with others
  • Explore how to craft valuable solutions