High Performing Teams

High Performing Teams

by compasspartnership

Building outstanding teams.

Fully aligned teams have clear structures and assigned roles, measurable goals, and strategic direction. High performing teams go beyond this to really focus on relationships, communication and trust.

Trust is the basis of all team working and without it things can quickly fall down.

Course Overview.

We will start by establishing an open, robust dialogue between team members. Everyone must be safe to share their ideas and give their input freely. Through talking and listening, and feeling able to debate and challenge, we lay the groundwork for collaboration, engagement, better quality decision-making, and improved goal-setting.

We create a space that brings people together to do some more strategic thinking and move beyond the transactional nature of many of the relationships that plague modern teams. Ultimately, this is about creating a place for team members and leaders to be challenged and also to contribute.

The aim is to increase the team’s capacity to be agile, flexible and productive, even in uncertain environments. We’re able to do this through building the basis of trust within the team. With trust comes Psychological Safety, the starting point for outstanding team performance.

Participants will:

  • Learn the importance of encouraging trust and vulnerability in your team which can allow for psychological safety
  • Encourage open and healthy communication, including constructive feedback and even conflict on ideas
  • Understand ways they can bring teams together by taking time to really understand one another
  • Learn the ways to make their teams more resilient in times of change and disruption
  • Discover the pitfalls that your team may face and the fundamental causes of team failure