Forging Strong Relationships

Forging Strong Relationships

by compasspartnership

Maintaining critical relationships.

Today’s professionals need to be adept at maintaining critical relationships with a growing number of stakeholders using a variety of means. Whether dealing with stakeholders, partners, organisations and professional bodies externally, or colleagues internally, there are a number of key skills and mindsets required to be successful.

Course Overview.

Our coaching teaches a range of tools and techniques to forge strong, long-term working relationships built on trust and rapport.

The key is recognising the perspectives of those around you. We focus on being unconditionally constructive: soft on the people and strong on the issues. Allowing trust, understanding and co-operation to flourish enables us to consciously and proactively build better quality working relationships.

Participants will:

  • Explore authenticity and being your true self in working relationships
  • Learn to be open to being persuaded by a different perspective
  • Build trust – are your cards face up or face down?
  • Develop respect by really considering the other person’s point of view
  • Approach relationships from a viewpoint of the nature of things today versus the desired future state