Compelling Communication

Compelling Communication

by compasspartnership

Communicating with measurable impact.

Communication skills have become more important than ever. Without communication, nothing else is possible. That’s why it is critical to make your spoken, written, and non-verbal messages as good as they can be, whenever you can.

Talking with certainty and conviction generates trust, confidence and greater belief in the message being relayed.

Course Overview.

Our programme focuses on adapting your communication style for measurable impact.

Participants will start with the basics of asking good questions, and the power of active listening. Providing the space so someone else feels comfortable to say what they want and need to say can be incredibly powerful.

We’ll develop the ability to recognise and respond with greater flexibility, offering the prospect of more effective communications and the rewards that arise from them.

This workshop delivers practical tools and techniques. A flexible range of methods for use in any scenario to build engagement and gain co-operation. We apply video-based feedback and coaching for accelerated learning in a highly experiential training environment.

Participants will:

  • Develop the ability to listen, calibrate and respond to what’s happening
  • Structure ideas clearly and in a persuasive manner
  • Focus on better relationships, being more open, building creativity and staying present
  • Use experiential exercises to embed the learning