Business Acumen

Business Acumen

by compasspartnership

Transforming professionals into business leaders.

Do your employees understand how they can impact on the bottom line?

We help to transform people into business leaders by helping them to understand the workings and culture of the company and their place within it.

Course Overview.

We cover decision-making processes, aligning goals and performance against the wider business strategy, and how to ‘speak the same language’. With practical advice and experiential learning, we coach people in managing key stakeholders, leadership techniques and critical communication and facilitation skills.

Participants will:

  • Demystify the complexities of the industry, organisation, and the business
  • Clearly understand their role and their place within the organisation
  • Develop key communication skills that will be critical in a business environment
  • Identify the direct link between their role and actions and the company’s strategy and bottom-line
  • Make sure that their decisions align with the goals of the function, division or organisation