Body Language

Body Language

by compasspartnership

Understanding non-verbal communication.

Studies show that body language and tone of voice play a critical role in communication. It is the non-verbal element of communication through things such as our gestures, posture and expressions that reveals our true feelings and emotions.

A heightened awareness of body language allows us to understand the complete message that another person is giving to us. Using this knowledge will make our interactions more engaging and positive.

Course Overview.

In this workshop, we cover the conscious and unconscious movements that convey attitudes and feelings in our communication with others.

This workshop utilises a highly experiential approach developed with actors and improvisation experts to help make the learning impactful, meaningful, practical and memorable.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to use body language to build rapport
  • Use non-verbal communication to impact and influence others
  • Increase their presence and impact in meetings, when presenting, at networking events or other work environments
  • Learn how to avoid negative non-verbal communication