Better Meetings

Better Meetings

by compasspartnership

Making meetings work.

Inefficient meetings cost businesses significant amounts in lost productivity. Not only that, they disengage employees and often result in unsuccessful projects.

Course Overview.

This workshop is aimed at those who need to chair and lead meetings more effectively.

Participants will learn about working with groups, building agendas and understanding personality types enabling them to facilitate a wide variety of situations, both internally and externally. Our training will draw on contemporary understanding of group dynamics and brain functioning, including examples of high quality facilitation known to be used by Google in their Design Sprints to take a group from a raw concept to a non- working demo for an app; and approaches used in Hollywood to evolve promising Intellectual Property.

The underlying intention is to create the support structure that makes more effective teamwork possible and provides opportunities for positive behaviours in meetings to be rewarded and unhelpful ones reduced.

Participants will:

  • Learn and apply new skills to running and facilitating group interactions and meetings more effectively
  • Make sure meetings achieve their goals for communicating, collaborating, and most critically, making important decisions
  • Handle the challenging and potentially negative behaviours of others
  • Use experiential exercises to embed the learning