Born to Collaborate

by compasspartnership

Born to Collaborate

by compasspartnership

by compasspartnership

The world is a pretty complex place. Business, economics and communities are under pressure like never before. World events seem increasingly unpredictable and inexplicable. Confrontation is getting more common and more than ever clear, effective communication and collaboration have become rare and valuable commodities.

As humans, we are shaped by both nature and nurture – by our genes and our lived experiences. We all have different perspectives and outlooks. Put a handful of people in a room to look at an issue and anything can happen – productive debate, heated discourse, argument or even explosive outbursts. It all stems from the many complex perspectives of very different people all looking at the same thing.

Our day-to-day work life creates complex demands on our ability to work together with others. Our interpretation of events and our responses to them can spin our perspectives in one direction or another. And when it comes to communication and collaboration, we can find ourselves faced with ever more complexity getting in the way of our potential.

Are we stuck in the past?

The challenge of dealing with many communication issues is often rooted in the past. Many organisations and businesses still operate under the sort of command and control ideas that came out of the industrial revolution.

For instance, Frederick Taylor’s classical theory of management advocated scientific studies of tasks and the workers responsible for them. This created an ‘assembly-line,’ where employees did only menial jobs, and become truly alienated from the product of their labours.

Today’s knowledge-based operations demand freethinking brains and effective collaboration, but many remain constrained by these old restrictive practices. This has huge implications for organisations, as the new challenges around innovation, knowledge and change come rapidly and forcefully into focus.

Good news! We are born to collaborate

We want to help you learn to create knowledge, negotiate and add value with your colleagues, clients and partners, and make your life at work immeasurably better.

Everyone is born with the ability to be better communicators and natural collaborators. We know that communicating better reduces stress and improves productivity. Your health and welfare could improve, and you could positively affect how your colleagues and partners perform (and feel) too.

Human beings are the original social animal

Humans have evolved to cooperate and collaborate in the most uncertain and volatile environments – danger, food shortages, changing climates, predators and disease.

It’s only because we are able to work together that we have survived.

We are born collaborators. Born to make sense of our world together and born to create solutions to the problems we face together.

Better communication and collaboration works

Engaging in an open, caring, compassionate, authentically interested and inquiring dialogue breeds trust. Trust breeds effective dialogue, creative solutions and knowledge transfer.

Building good rapport is one of the foundation stones which allow relationships to develop, for trust, understanding and cooperation to really flourish. You can enjoy more effective working relationships simply by recognising other people, their perspectives and being able to demonstrate understanding.

We know from experience that this positive outlook broadens and builds your capacity for solving problems and thinking more effectively. Positive engagement not only reduces stress and improves your health, but also impacts on your performance, and your ability to create and learn from social dialogue.

Now is the right time

As we move forward today, uncertainty and complexity seem to define the rapidly changing business environment. It’s ironic that some of our greatest social groupings, those of organisations in which many of us work, have lost touch with our innate ability to be collaborative.

Never has it been so important to be human, and to bring to life the extraordinary sets of skills and abilities within us all to create effective and innovative change.

Our unique approach

The Compass Partnership approach to developing better communication begins with Collaborative Core. It has been designed to help you increase understanding, develop dialogue, generate trust and give it positive momentum. Our framework helps you discover the real benefits of getting to know and taking a creative interest in, how you and others make sense of the world.

Collaborative Core can help you unpack these issues. It can revitalise those natural abilities within your work environments to build rapport with others. It allows you to listen and watch consciously, and develop your true skills of inquiry. It can help us start to understand each other’s experiences of the world, and everyone’s unique insights, aspirations and needs.

Make no mistake – your ability to be the best of you, to understand and interact with your environment and others is within you.