by compasspartnership

Transforming organisations
from the inside out

Aligning the human behaviours within your company to
help you to achieve your goals.

Leading people through change: Close up of group discussion

Changing the way people
feel, think and behave.

People are at the heart of your organisation.
Change starts with them.


The power of
Collaborative Core

A shift in mind-set, thinking and skill
to transform how you engage and collaborate.

A shift in mind-set, thinking and skill
to transform how you engage and collaborate.


What key skills will be important
for the future of work?

The capabilities that are important for your organisation
now and in the future.

The capabilities that are important for your organisation
now and in the future.


Our programmes develop the capabilities, competencies and ‘soft’ skills for employees, leaders and teams that are critical for success.


Through our consultancy services, we help our clients with bespoke cultural change, organisational development, internal communications or employee engagement projects.


Our expertise helps knowledge-based businesses at the forefront of new developments to turn ideas into action at pace by establishing innovative, creative and collaborative cultures and knowledge transfer networks.


Technology is not the only factor determining the future of your organisation. Your human performance is critical. Our goal is to help you to change the way your people feel, think and behave to make them more effective at work.

You’re the experts at what you do.
We’re here to help you work out how best to do it.

We are a key partner to organisations who want to make a change. From developing the future skills of your employees and teams, to tackling challenges of culture, engagement, collaboration or innovation. We can help.

We are experts at the design and delivery of experiential learning, coaching and mentoring to bring about behavioural change.

Teams & Groups

We use a rich mixture of methods to build innovative, collaborative and high-performing cultures with aligned visions.


We help to transform the way teams and organisations face their complex and strategic challenges.

Working with The Compass Partnership is like a breath of fresh air! They’ve taken a group of experienced professionals and transformed how they do what they do, not an easy task! Together we went on an incredible journey, the result being an experience that many of them will take with them for the rest of their lives. The Compass Partnership help us achieve real results in a very
simple, matter of fact way.

Associate Director, Learning & Development,
UK arm of Global Pharmaceutical Company

The Compass Partnership team feel like an extension of our team. With relentless energy and imagination they have a knack for discovering potential. They are professional and organised but so down-to-earth they can instantly connect with teams at all levels.

We’re really lucky to be guided on our ambitious journey by such a great team. They’ve managed to humanise consulting!

Managing Director,
Brand Engagement Agency

I met The Compass Partnership through involvement with another initiative they were supporting our business with and I knew immediately they were the best people to help us solve our challenges. They are normal people but can elevate thinking in a way I’ve never experienced before. They feel like part of the team in a way that both challenges and supports not just what we do but how we do it. It’s a unique approach and we really value our partnership with them.

Associate Director,
Global Pharmaceutical Company